Chicago model Catrina Greer – @originalchigirl

An early morning with a fantastic summer weather in Chicago made for a great photo shoot with experienced model Catrina Greer.

Since parking is scarce in Chicago, we decided to relocate from the original idea of North Ave beach to Fullerton beach instead. Via car or Uber we managed to find eachother at Fullerton beach by lake Michigan.

After a short walk in Lincoln Park we went to the beach. The plan was to get some nice Chicago-themed shots in swimsuit, and follow up with some city shots in dress and heels.

After missing the blue light in the sunrise, the light was sharp and unforgiving, but we managed to get some nice series in before Catrina changed to dress instead.

A bridge under Lake Shore Drive had some nice murals, with a nice light, which was great for some more shots. The pavement was very busy though, so a lot of pictures in the series included vehicles and joggers, and weirdly enough, some of the best poses came when our personal space was invaded, which gave the photos a nice touch.

Chicago – Catrina Greer

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