It should be easy to take photos. With Natureal tours and photo guiding, we want you to be able to improve your skills with your own camera.


At Natureal we make you meet the nature. Our guides helps you to improve your photography, to make the memories be more memorable.

On some of the tours, we invite specialists. Including birds, landscapes or night photography.

Some of our tours ranges from easy tours perfect for wheelchairs and on some treks you need a fairly good stamina. Some tours are within walking distance, In some tours you need to drive to walk.

Some of our theme tours –


The M-button



Photography poetry

The fields





On-location or in studio.


Natureal Trek is a concept where we wander in Ystad or Österlen, and take theme-based photos. The guide helps out where and how to take the photos, what settings, how to compose the image. The treks are for interested in photo, regardless of experience and equipment.

Examples of themes

  • Landscape
  • Poetry and photgraphy
  • Street photo
  • People
  • Architecture
  • Natural light
  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Birds